Welcome Pastor
Jeff Milsten!

Christ Lutheran Church is here for all of us to worship God, to grow in faith, to help one another, to be with and for each other.  As Pastor I help us all in this and more.  As Pastor I am a leader and I am a servant.  I share the Christian truth I know and I learn with all of us from one another.  We are gathered here at Christ Lutheran Church to serve Jesus, to help one another, and to grow in faith.  We have opportunities for each here and invite you to join us.

            Personally I grew up in Tacoma, WA; went to college in Virginia, taught in Maryland, attended Seminary in Gettysburg and Washington D. C., first call was in Concord, NC, then Orofino ID; next Longview, WA, then Niagara Falls area of NY, Dayton WA, and now here in Odessa, WA.  In all these places Washington has always been my home.  I love Mount Rainier and the Cascades, also ocean shores and the Olympics, Puget Sound is wonderful, Eastern Washington is a great change of pace, I have enjoyed the Spokane area since high school, plus small town living (Orofino, Dayton, Odessa) is so positive and especially relational, I have been and am blessed.  I so love the grandeur and enjoyment of God’s varied wonderful creation here in Washington; plus we have cities and towns to enjoy.  We here as especially blessed in God’s wondrous creation and with a strong caring church congregation.

            May we continue to grow in Christ, bless one another, and be heaven bound.

                        Shalom, Pastor Jeff Milsten