About Us

Our congregation has been located in Odessa, Washington since 1901.  Its roots are the German Russian immigrants who settled in this area around the turn of the century and into the first years of the 1900’s. The current building in use was constructed in 1958.  Odessa is a farming community  in Eastern Washington State where our farmers grow wheat, potatoes, hay, grass, and various other vegetable crops such as onions, peas, corn, etc.  There are also a number of cattle ranchers in our area.  Currently our membership percentages include a large number tied in one way or another to agriculture. However, we have a diverse mix of people who work at our local school, hospital and other business ventures.
With God’s help and blessings of His Holy Spirit, we strive to be a mission outreaching congregation.  We encourage all our members and friends of the congregation to live the Gospel in word and deed.  We pray that you might do the same in your place of life and worship!  Currently we offer Sunday morning Christian educational opportunities for youth, preschool through high school as well as for adults in our Sunday morning adult forum.  Adult Bible study is also offered mid week, September through early June.  We strive to be relevant in our worship and proclamation not being afraid to try new instruments in worship and active learning style teaching for youth and adults.