Welcome to Christ Lutheran Church located in Odessa, Washington.  Christ Lutheran Church is a congregation of Lutheran Congregations in Mission (LCMC) for Christ.  Communion Services are held the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sunday of each month and is open to all baptized Christians.


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Quilt Tying, Thursday, May 20th, 9 am until about noon

Parsonage Cleaning Work Party 9 am and Unload Pastors U Haul in the




Adult Bible Study
9:00 am

Youth Sunday School
9:15 am

Worship Service and Sermon – Interim Pastor Rod Vereb
10:30 am


 Men’s Community Bible Study Group
6:45 am
Christ Lutheran Church

Confirmation Class
2:24 pm

Community Youth Group – Grades 6-12
7:00 pm
Heritage Church

Second Thursday of the Month

Christ Lutheran Church Women (CLCW)
Bible Study 1:00 pm
Business Meeting 2:00 pm